What is the Currently Out view? What is it used for?

The Currently Out view lists all Assets that are currently checked out of inventory. There are two subviews: one for Assets that are currently Checked Out, and one for Assets that are Being Serviced.

The Booking Range reflects the dates the asset is booked for, and not when it was checked out or checked in.

The Being Serviced view lists all Assets that currently have a status of Being Serviced. When an Asset is changed to ‘Being Serviced’, a Flag is automatically created and associated with the user that changed the status. The Last Flagged By column displays the name of the last AMS user that changed the Asset’s status to Being Serviced.

If there are any unsaved Tickets in the Ticket Builder, a pink box will appear at the top of the Currently Out view. It displays:

Tickets that are in the Ticket Builder
Who they’re for
The amount of time elapsed since they were created
and a link to ‘Clear It!’, (which will destroy the abandoned Ticket)
Note: The Ticket can also be destroyed through the Ticket Builder accessed through the Friend, or Program views.

Asset Summary View
The Asset Summary View provides the detailed information about an Asset, a summary of its history items, and all available functions.

If the Asset is currently checked out, a notice is displayed at the top of the view with the name of the Friend that has the Asset, and a link to manually Check In the Asset.

All of the information entered about the Asset displays on the main part of the view. There are three main functions provided:

Add/change photo
Edit this Asset
Add a flag to this Asset
The Asset History displays an entry for every Booking and Flag event recorded on the Asset.