AMS | Digital Arts Services Symposium 2019

AMS was presented in the Digital Arts Services Symposium DASSAN19 in the city of Toronto, as part of the key projects working nationwide in the development of new initiatives for data management.

For five consecutive days, various institutions and artists sat around the table to show the digital initiatives they are working on, far from competition, we were encouraged to find how complementary the projects are, and how, the understanding of the market and how arts organizations are advancing in their technical capacities.

We were delighted hearing about Open Data and Ticketing solutions, as well as initiatives like CAPACOA´S Linked Digital Future for standardizing arts event metadata information to increase discoverability in search engines and portals. We at AMS believe in the initiative, and will stay in contact in order to adopt recommended standards.

We’d like to acknowledge the organizers, Jessa Agilo and Margaret Lam, for creating a space where we were delighted by how optimistic the tone was, with a fun and positive look into the future, and with so many opportunities for partnerships.