What are Reports?

Reports are one of the greatest benefits of AMS! Don’t worry about compiling important data on your own… AMS does that for you! 

Reports summarize data collected in AMS. We’ve created a wide variety of reports on everything from membership and volunteer hours, to revenue and assets! 

What types of Reports are there? 

General Membership Report

This report lists all active Members along with their current contact info, Member Type, and Volunteer Hours for the year.

Users Accessing Programs and Services

This report summarizes the Programs and Services that have been accessed for a defined period. Note that the Registrations Listing displays a record for each Program Enrollment only if the first scheduled program date falls within the report bounds.

Partnership Organizations Report

This report lists all Partnership Organizations that the system knows about, as well as the Members and Non-Members that belong to those organizations.

Services in Kind Report

This report summarizes and lists all Service-in-Kind payments for a defined period.

Asset Revenue Report

This report summarizes revenue collected from Asset rentals for a defined period. Bookings are selected by Invoice Date priority. These amounts do not include manually created Invoices and Invoice Line Items.

General Revenue Report

This report summarizes all revenue collected as reported through this system. This includes Asset Booking revenue, Program Registration revenue, and other General Invoice items.

Third-Party Renting Report

This report summarizes all Third-Party Renting activity tracked by the system.

Asset Servicing Report

This report summarizes Asset Servicing Activity for the specified period. The data is culled from Flags that are automatically generated when an Asset is removed from the Asset pool for Servicing.

Grant Application Report

This report summarizes information relevant to the writing of Grant Applications. This includes the total number of volunteers and volunteer hours, total number of active Members with the percentage of those Members from Edmonton and Alberta, total FAVA Bucks used, and total

Employee Grants used.

Mailing List

This link simply generates a CSV file for download that contains a comma separated list of E-mail addresses for Friends that have opted in to the mailing list. Blank e-mail addresses are automatically removed from the list. This list can be copied and pasted directly into an E-mail client in order to do mass mailings.

Equipment Report

A list of all equipment assets.

Account Report

Account Summary Report

Project Report

Total number of unique projects and list of all projects.

Program Report

List of people who have registered in classes or workshops in 2016 along with their email address.

Education and Association

List of members according to their Education And Association

How do I generate Reports?

1. Click the Reports tab in the left-hand bar. 

2. Select the Report-type you wish to generate. 

3. Customize the Report information. 

Report customization looks different depending on the type of report. 

For example: the General Membership Report allows you to customize ‘Created on or Before’ date, ‘Pending on or After’ date, and how Member lists are sorted. 

But, some reports like the Asset Servicing Report only allow for a customized date range. Other reports offer no options for customization at all.

4. Select Build Report to generate the report in-browser. The location of this button changes depending on the report you are generating. 

5. Click Generate CSV to download a spreadsheet of your report. Note: Not all reports can be exported as a spreadsheet. 

6. You’re done! Happy data tracking 🙂

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