What are Projects? 

The ‘Projects’ tab can be used to track any kind of project coming out of your organization! Projects can be major productions, events, conferences, workshops, and more. 

How do I search for Projects? 

1. Navigate to the ‘Projects tab’ in the left-hand bar and click the ‘Search’ subsection.

2. Customize your search.

You can search the project by Project Name, the Year the project was made, the Length of the project, the Type of project (documentary, drama, narrative, etc…), Member/Friend name, and whether or not the project is currently active. 

3. The list of Projects will appear on the right-hand side. Click the Project name to view all project information. 

How do I add a new Project? 

There are two ways to add a new project.

1. One way to add a new project is to select the ‘Search’ subsection of the Projects tab… 

…and then click the ‘Add New Project’ button in the right-hand corner. 

OR select the ‘Add New’ subsection underneath the ‘Projects’ tab. 

2. A pop-up will prompt you to name the Project and assign a user to it. You can search for Friends by typing in the first three letters of their name. 

3. Click ‘Create Project’ or cancel to go back. 

4. To make edit the project further, search for your project. Please see How do I Search for Projects?”

5. Once you’ve found your Project, click the Project’s name to view the full project Summary.

There are many spaces to add information about your project: 

Click the photo icon to upload a profile photo for your project. 

‘Edit Project Name’ lets you change the name of your project. 

‘Merge Project’ lets you combine your project with another existing project. 

Short Attributes are single sentence pieces of information about your project. 

Crew Roles lets you credit everyone involved in your project. 

Long Attributes provide space for summaries, descriptions, and lists. 

Media lets you upload trailers, audio samples, photos, videos, and other forms of media related to your project. 

Submissions lets you select opportunities you would like your project to be considered for. SeeSubmissions” for more information.  

Bookings shows a list of Assets and Library Items that are currently booked for your project. 

What are Reels? What are Collections?

Reels are groups of projects. 

Collections are groups reels. 

These are used for screenings, submissions, and keeping organized!

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