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P018 - Towne Crier, Troubadour


Kevin Spenst


Towne Crier, Troubadour

In conversation, Ingrid Rose and Vancouver poet Kevin Spenst explore the territory of poem as performance, not on a stage but beyond cultural venues, in city and forest, from park benches and on poetry walks as reader's words interact with listeners in life. During Covid, Kevin performed over thirty physically distanced pop-up readings in person while most of the world was on Zoom.

And then he reads: surprising, hilarious, heart stopping poems with lines such as " can blame my tin ear for heeding the metallurgy of the dead" (from Hearts Amok: A Memoir in Verse).

In Ignite, Kevin sounds his father's schizophrenia; with wit and compassion.

Kevin is the poetry mentor at Simon Fraser University Continuing Education, The Writers Studio. His books may be ordered from your favourite bookstore or the publisher, Anvil Press and include: Hearts Amok: A Memoir In Vers" and Incite; Jabbering With Bing Bong.

Visit Kevin's website for upcoming encounters you may wish to attend.

Ingrid Rose
Music Production
Gary Sill
Kevin Spenst

P018 - Towne Crier, Troubadour


Kevin Spenst

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October 04 to October 17, 2021