What is the Library? 

The Library is a database where media files like video, audio, film and print media are stored. 

The Library is only accessible by Staff Members and Admin. It is a digital database and Members do not have access to this section.

Users can add, edit, import and view media files; and provide these to other members for booking. 

These media files are treated like Assets. For more information on assets, check out Our Stuff.

How do I access the Library? 

The Library is accessed through the Library Tab in the left-hand bar. 

You can view a list of All Media in your Library, or select lists of only Video, Film, Print, or Audio. 

The Film, Print, and Audio headings generate lists of all items in their category. The Video list can be narrowed even further using its dropdown menu. 

When media is present in the Library, you will see summaries of each Item. Summaries include Call Number, Title, Director, Contributor, Type, Year Released, # of Copies, Availability, and the option to Edit. 

How do I search the Library? 

Find an item in the Library by typing key information into the search bar on the right-hand side. 

You can search by name, director, contributors, call number, and more! 

Click the number next to Show Entries to customize how many items you’d like to see per page. 

How do I add media to the Library? 

1. Click Add New Library Item 

2. Select the type of media you wish to add from the dropdown. 

3. Fill out the appropriate information on your piece of media.  

There are over 40 different spaces for you to add information. Most are self-explanatory.

But, here are summaries of the required fields that must be filled out for all media products. 

  • Title is the full/official name of the media product 
  • Condition is the current condition of the media product. This could include wear and tear, file corruption, or physical damage to the media. 
  • Mature Content signifies whether or not the media product contains mature content. In Canada, mature content means images or storylines that may be disturbing or incomprehensible to minors. This includes portrayals of domestic violence, racism, religious matters, death, controversial social issues, coarse language, nudity, sexual content, substance abuse, violence or gore, or crude content/language. 
  • Original Language is required for Film & Audio media. It means the language the media product was first produced in. 

4. Click ‘Submit’. Your media is in the database! 

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