Becoming a “Development Partner” entails a collaborative relationship between the organization and the AMS-Network. While specific expectations may vary, here are some common expectations that a developer partner might have:

  1. Feedback and Input:
    • Providing constructive feedback on the current AMS features and suggesting improvements.
    • Participating in beta testing of new tools and modules.
    • Offering insights into the practical needs of arts organizations to shape future developments.
  2. Advocacy and Promotion:
    • Actively promoting AMS within their network and the broader community.
    • Sharing success stories and use cases that highlight the benefits of AMS.
  3. Collaboration on Development:
    • Collaborating on the development of new tools or modules that align with the partner’s specific needs.
    • Offering expertise or resources that can enhance the overall functionality of AMS.
  4. Training and Support:
    • Providing training and support to their organization’s staff to ensure optimal use of AMS.
    • Assisting other organizations within the AMS-Network in adopting and integrating AMS effectively.
  5. Long-Term Commitment:
    • Demonstrating a commitment to a long-term partnership with AMS-Network.
    • Remaining engaged in the evolving AMS community and adapting to changes in the system.
  6. Participation in Community Events:
    • Actively participating in community events, webinars, or conferences organized by AMS-Network.
    • Sharing experiences and insights during these events to enrich the overall community knowledge.
  7. Priority Access:
    • Receiving priority access to new features, updates, and support services.
    • Enjoying early access to beta versions of new tools or modules.
  8. Financial Support:
    • Looking for granting opportunities that align with the philosophy of the project.
    • Contributing to the financial sustainability of AMS through the adoption of the pricing model.
    • Making regular financial commitments to support ongoing development and maintenance.